So centering. My daughter Wants to do this everyday. Aaron is the real deal.
— Katy
We love Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu! Aaron is an excellent instructor and very patient with our 7yo son who is easily distracted. Kung Fu has been very good for him in helping him to learn to focus and he has fun too!
— Lori
Mr. Dison is a wonderful teacher who is passionate about his work and helping his students grow. He teaches so much more than just the forms. I know my son has grown in confidence, self esteem, cognitive skills, and physically from his classes.
— Angel

The instructors are great with kids and it’s been amazing to watch them teach skills and focus while also making class fun.
— Claire

Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu is the best class I could have wished for, Mr. Dison never pushes us further than we can go and he’s always got new things to teach us in his class. I would recommend his school to anyone wanting to learn Kung Fu, as it has always been a fun experience for me and my friends especially with its wonderful technique and lineage.
— Isabelle

The patience and attention to form that Mr. Dison demonstrates exemplifies his role as a teacher, yet he’s a perpetual student himself. It’s amazing to watch how he gently guides the kids through poses, tweaks their stances, explains the logic behind a defensive posture and how it positions you for a possible offensive option. All the while, he’s reinforcing character traits like loyalty, humility, courage, respect.
— Kendall