Our Lineage

Lineage is important in Kung Fu. This is your history, it tells what you have learned and who you have learned from.

These are the great masters who laid the groundwork for all that you learn here. They should be honored and respected. Without them, we would not have the Art that we have today.

Typically a lineage chart begins with the most recent teacher at the bottom and works its way up to the ancient masters and founders of a system. I will be presenting things a little differently on this page. I will be starting with my teacher and working my way backwards in time. I have chosen to do this because I have also included video footage I have found of many of these past masters and would like to share so that we may learn from them and grasp the essence of their movement.

Grandmaster Chan Pui


Kay-Chi Leung

Sifu Frank Paolillo learned Chen Style Old Frame First form from Kay-Chi Leung. Kay-Chi Leung does not have any video footage available of him moving because he feels that the best way to learn is in person from a teacher and that videos can lead to bad habits.

Du Yu Zhe

Kay-Chi Leung learned Chen Tai Chi from Du Yu Zhe, who learned from Chen Yanxi, Chen Fa-ke’s father.


Hong Jun Sheng

Li Enjiu studied under Hung Jun Sheng, who studied under Chen Fake.

Zhang Xue Xin

Sifu Frank Paolillo learned Chen Style Silk Reeling Qigong from Zhang Xue Xin

Feng Zhiqiang

Zhang Xue Xin studied under Feng Zhiqiang

Chen Fake (pronounced Fa-key-ah)

I am unable to find footage of Chen Fake, but much can be learned by watching some of his top students move.

Sha Guozhen

Sifu Frank Paolillo learned Baguazhang from one of Sha Guozhen’s students, Hing Ling Kwan

Sifu Frank Paolillo

Chen Tai Chi, Dragon Baguazhang, Praying Mantis, Founder of Tao Style.


Li Enjiu

Sifu Frank Paolillo learned Chen Style Old Frame Pao Choi from Li Enjiu