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Martial Values




Morality of Deed


Humility - Humility comes from controlling your feelings of pride.  It is "emptying your cup" and maintaining the mind of a beginner, realizing there is always something new to learn.


Respect - Respect is the foundation of every relationship. Respect starts with respecting oneself and spreads to respecting all others as well as your surroundings. Respect must be earned, it cannot be requested or demanded.


Righteousness - Righteousness means that if there is something that should be done, then you should do it. If there is something that should not be done, then you don't involve yourself with it. Righteousness is choosing to do good.


Trust - Trust includes being trustworthy. If you make a promise, you should fulfill it. Trust is the key to relationships, and the best way of earning respect. The trust of a friend is hard to gain, but easy to loose.


Loyalty - Loyalty is the root of trust. You should be loyal to your friends, and they should be loyal to you. Out of this, mutual trust can grow.


Morality of Mind


Will - A strong will depends upon the sincerity with which you commit yourself to your goal. You must think with your wisdom mind rather than your emotional mind. With a strong will, any obstacle can be overcome.


Endurance - Endurance is the will to push yourself beyond limits. It is the strength to keep pushing yourself when you feel like you cannot go any further.


Perseverance - Perseverance is the will to not give up. To stay fast to your goals and to not get discouraged when things become difficult and seem impossible.


Patience - Patience is the will to put in the time it takes to become great. Anything that is worth learning or doing takes time to be excellent.


Courage - Daring to face a challenge that you think needs to be faced is courage. Courage must come from the mind of wisdom. Bravery is the external manifestation of courage, without courage bravery cannot last long.