Silk Reeling Qigong

The following is and aid for current students in their home studies. 

Cleansing (3x)


Spiraling up and turning to the side

Looking left and right

Rolling neck

Rolling shoulders back then forward

Rolling one shoulder back then forward, both sides

Circle elbow to the front then back, both sides

Circle wrist both directions, both sides

Circle wrists and knees in opposite directions

Shake wrists to fingertips


Circle to front of room, both sides

Leaning forwards  and back

Cutting across, both sides

Rotating hips

Circle front knee both directions and front to back, both sides

Feet together circle knees, both directions

Feet shoulder's width, circle knees in  opposite directions

Spiral both feet into the ground condensing to lower dantien

Picking up the ball

Circle the ball left, then right

Side stretch left then right

Twist to the right, left hand on shoulder right hand on lower back, both sides

Point elbow to toes

Horse stance circle up the center, change directions

Circle hands side to side

Circle low to high, both sides

Snake hand behind twist up, each side then both sides together

Catch chi, shake from lower dantien


Standing meditation - hands to earth, then sky, then embrace mountain

*Each side is repeated around 8 times