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Adults Tai Chi



With the youth curriculum, we start external and lead to internal. For our adult classes, we focus primarially on the internal. We have been living lives, having experiences, and not all of it has been easy. Its time to heal, and we can do that by focusing on higher levels of martial arts, where we have transcended beyond the fight.

By using softness and dissolving to emptyness, we find strength and peacefullness.

Chen Tai Chi is the root of the adult classes. It utilizes relaxed movements that strengthens the tendons and ligaments and focuses on circular movements that flow with the natural way our bodies were designed. The movements were created with the intention of opening meridians and allowing chi to better flow through our bodies, thus helping to improve the overall health of the body.

Tai Chi focuses on circular relaxed movement that is very low impact. Through this it works to build balance, coordination, and internal strength. Chen Family Tai Chi is known for its silk reeling spiral movements which works to circulate chi (or energy) throughout the body.

Tai Chi is called internal because it focuses on building oneself from the inside out. You learn how to feel the inside of your body and to awaken tiny muscles that have been asleep.

Tai Chi builds whole body strength that greatly helps with balance and sensitivity.


Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Style contains hard as well as soft techniques, thus being the most internal of the external styles. Praying Mantis is also considered the highest level of Shaolin due to the fact that it contains movements from 18 different animal styles.

Students in this class first learn Tai Chi principles of movement through the Soft Mantis form as well as different animal techniques. Application is taught to help students better understand the movements.

After Soft Mantis students learn a two person fighting form. Through this application is better understood as students get a feel of how Praying Mantis fights by interacting with another person.

Students then learn an external Praying Mantis Bumbo form, or "Crushing Fist". This is where we start to apply power to the movements. By starting first with a soft form students learn hardness by way of softness and find the external through way of the internal.