Youth Curriculum

Our school's curriculum includes the three branches of Chinese internal martial arts as well as elements from other Chinese styles. It is designed to begin with styles that emphasize the basics, which are the core of all martial arts, while teaching application. As the students progress, they move deeper into more internal and advanced material with an emphasis on Martial Values.

Students start with Praying Mantis, which teaches Kung-Fu fundamentals and includes movements from many traditional shaolin animal styles. They first learn a Praying Mantis solo form, and then a two person form while learning additional skills and techniques along the way.

After passing Praying Mantis, students who show enough maturity are eligible to join the Weapons class. In this class we study the main four weapons; Staff, Double Edged Sword, Broadsword, and Spear.

From there students learn Tai Chi's first form. This is where students learn to go deeper inside themselves and smooth their rough edges with and emphasis on whole body spiral power. Students learn the Chen Tai Chi Old Frame form. Most Tai Chi styles leave out martial application, but Chen style, being the original Tai Chi style, includes martial application and thus is a fighting style of Tai Chi. This Level 2 class is where students start to develop more of the “fighting skills” as they work to develop speed, accuracy, power, and sensitivity in their two person form.

Baguazhang next teaches students to move beyond the straight line to create more circular movements and emphasizes strong footwork. This Level 3 class is where students learn to develop speed and flow with their movements. The material taught is Dragon Qigong form, Dragon Baguazhang Form, and a Bagua 2 person form.

After Baguazhang students return to Tai Chi's  second form called Pao Choi, which translates to "Cannon Fist". This is where the power from the earlier forms is condensed into tighter spirals and students learn to apply the power that comes from softness. This is Tai Chi's combat form and where students learn how to utilize their power effectively.

Instead of having a typical belt system, students earn patches for their pants showing what styles they have learned. After learning all four styles, they will then work to refine their forms and test for Black Sash.

After earning the level of Black Sash, students will be able to enter into the Advanced Class. In this class students will be learning a whole new set of empty hand and weapons forms as well as advanced training techniques.


Class Schedule -

Praying Mantis

Mon., Thurs.  4:30 - 5:30

Tai Chi

Wed. 4:30 - 5:30


Mon. 5:45 - 6:45


Thurs. 5:45 - 6:45




Tuition Costs

New Student Special - 2 Month 2 days/ week and Free Uniform for $150

$100/ month for 2 days a week

$60/ month for 1 day a week

 Weapons Class - $45/ month


Join our Kung Fu Family

We teach that competition is best with oneself rather than with others. We work to help our Kung Fu brothers and sisters to be their best as well. When we work in harmony, everyone grows and flourishes.