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Here are some Kung Fu movies and shows that represent the styles that we study at Dragon Phoenix.

Avatar - The Last Airbender (tv series)

I can't say enough how much I love this series. Its great for all ages, the story line is excellent, the characters are amazing, and it features real Kung Fu representing many of the styles that we study at Dragon Phoenix.

In this show, the world is divided up into four nations, each with their own style of Kung Fu and the ability to bend the element their nation was named after. The four nations are Fire, Water, Earth, and air.

Fire bending was modeled after Northern Shaolin, which we find in our Praying Mantis style. Water bending was modeled after Tai Chi, Earth bending was modeled after Hung Gar (another Kung Fu style that we don't study), and Air bending was modeled after Baguazhang.

There was a live action movie version of Avatar that tried to sum up the entire first season in under 2 hours. It was not well accepted because of many factors, but its worth a watch.

Tai Chi Hero

*Has adult language

  This is the sequel to the movie Tai Chi Zero. In it the hero is an outsider in Chen Village (where Chen Tai Chi originated) and there is conflict about an outsider learning their style of Kung Fu. This movie also features some Baguazhang as the hero has to prove himself.


Kung Fu Panda 1,2,3, and some short stories

* Great for all ages

 All around awesome movies. The Furious Five are based around real Kung Fu styles, all of which are within our Praying Mantis style at Dragon Phoenix. Oogway (the turtle) does Tai Chi, but I'm sorry to say that there isn't a Panda style. Good lessons, good humor, all around fun and great.


The Honor of Dong Fong Xu

aka Pride's Deadly Fury

One of the best movies out there that showcases Baguazhang and some of its training methods. Old style Kung Fu movie.


Marco Polo

*Not suitible at all for kids

 This Netflix series explores Marco Polo's servitude to Kublai Khan. In it is a character named Hundred Eyes, a blind Taoist monk from the Wudang Mountains who teaches Kung Fu to Marco Polo. His primary styles are  Xing-Yi, Baguazhang, and Praying Mantis. There is also the evil Chinese Chancelor who studies Praying Mantis excuslively.


Tai Chi Zero

This movie takes the story of Yang LuChan studying Tai Chi in Chen village as an outsider and creates a crazy steampunkesque story in place of what really happened. This is a great movie that is very entertaining and shocases the fighting side of Tai Chi.

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Drunken Tai Chi

*This movie has adult language and humor

 In the introduction of the movie, actor Donnie Yen is seen performing Tai Chi and there is a great scene where two people are are training with a Tai Chi ball. Unfortunately the fighting in this movie isn't really Tai Chi, but it's an entertaining movie and the puppet dance scene is very unique and interesting.