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828 - 423 - 2868

Lineage is important in Kung Fu. This is your history, it tells what you have learned and who you have learned it from.


These are the great masters who laid the groundwork for all that you learn here. They should be honored and respected. Without them, we would not have the Art that we have today.

Kevin Heckert


Sun Ho


Chris Wiley

(Pasa Ryu, Yin Bagua)

Frank Paolillo

(Chen Tai Chi, Dragon Baguazhang, Praying Mantis, Tao)

Kang Rhee

(Pasa Ryu)

He Jin Bao

(Yin Baguazhang)

Chan Pui

(Wah Lum Praying Mantis)

Kay Chi Leung

(Chen Tai Chi)

Zhang Xia Xin

(Chen Tai Chi)

Hing Lun Kwan

(Dragon Baguazhang)

Harn Ch'in T'ang

(Northern Shaolin, Yang Tai Chi)

Sha Guo Cheng

(Baguazhang, Xing-Yi)

Chiang Jung Chiao


Chang Chao Tung


Cheng Ting Hua


Dong Hai Chuan


Liu Yun Chiao

(Pa-Kua, Praying Mantis)

Chen Zhao Kuai

(Chen Tai Chi)

Feng Zhi Qiang

(Chen Tai Chi)

Hong Jun Sheng

(Chen Tai Chi)

Chen Fa-ke

(Chen Tai Chi)

Chen Yanxi

(Chen Tai Chi)

Chen Gengyun

(Chen Tai Chi)

Chen Changxing

(Chen Tai Chi)

Chen Wangting

(Chen Tai Chi)

Du Yue Che

(Chen Tai Chi)

Ching Yeung

(Wah Lum)