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Silk Reeling Qigong

veda kids

Developmentally, children younger than 7 years old have a difficult time remembering the the forms that the older kids learn. Younger than 5 years old and they have a difficult time with body coordination.


This class was formed to help children with hand-eye-foot coordination within the context of Kung Fu. We keep things light-hearted and fun while exploring the different animal styles of Kung Fu and learning to focus our attention.



Kids Kung Fu (ages 5-7)


This is the lighter introductory version of our Tai Chi class. We take a little more time here to try to get the basic movements of Silk Reeling Qigong through use of spiral whole body movements. We also work on basic circle walking from the style of Baguazhang and end with sitting meditation.


This is a great class for anyone who is hesitant about Tai Chi, but wants to find many of the health benefits. We move a bit slower than we do in the Tai Chi class so it is excellent for students who may be a little bit older or are recovering from an injury.



Students who enjoy this class and would like to learn more are encouraged to try our Adults Tai Chi class.

Stretching Class

Stretching is one of the simplest healthy exercises one can do. In this class we take the time to wake up and loosen muscles all over the whole body.


We work our way down from our head to our feet. Find muscles that you never knew you had, promote good circulation, good health, and most importantly feel great.


Stretching is a wonderful way to start your day to give you a positive outlook, or to end your day for a good restful night's sleep.

Balance Class for Seniors

In our Balance Class we take things slowly. We are working on improving our balance through exercises that help you to think with your feet while strengthening your balance muscles that help to keep you stable.

We work on intentional walking and movement while focusing on how our weight shifts through the feet and legs during motion. This class is also great to help get creaky joints moving and to gain awareness of how we hold ourselves. Alignment is a major focus to help protect the knees and heal the body.

Falling down is one of the biggest risks to health as we age. This is because of two reasons. The first being the physical damage that can occur during a fall. The other is the psychological damage that can happen after a fall. If we become hesitant about getting up and moving about, then we start to get less and less physical exercise. This can result in an even greater lack of balance that leads to more falls as well as weaker immune system that can lead to more frequent illness.