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We offer many different classes at Dragon Phoenix for all ages!

Our Kids and Teens Kung Fu classes as well as Tai Chi and Praying Mantis classes for Adults are held in Veda Studios at 853 Merrimon Ave.

This is where we teach a full ongoing curriculum where students get the chance to learn the art in depth.


We offer drop-in classes at Veda Studios as well. The adult classes are for those who are curious about Qigong and Tai Chi and want to learn the basics.

The Kids Kung Fu class (ages 4-7) provides an opportunity for young children to be exposed to martial arts in an age appropriate way.

Dragon Phoenix teaches in school programs at various schools. This allows students to be exposed to Kung Fu who may not otherwise have the opportunity. These classes offer a sampling of what is taught in the curriculum classes at our studio. Currently we are teaching at Odyssey Community School on Tuesday afternoons and ArtSpace Charter School on Friday afternoons.